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About Carla Harvey

Carla Harvey is a Los Angeles based author, musician and artist. Smitten with tales of the infamous Sunset strip, she made the pilgrimage to Hollywood from her native Detroit where she got her first break as an Entertainment Reporter for the Playboy Channel.  She boasts a variety of Film and TV credits, but Harvey’s favorite role is as the metal crooner with a sense of the macabre for her band Butcher Babies.  The Butcher Babies' unrivaled stage show quickly caught the attention of the press (journalist Keith Valcourt recently called them the hottest band in the world) and garnered them a rabid, world-wide fan base that set them off on a non-stop touring schedule.

In the midst of touring with top of the line acts such as Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, Carla still finds the time to indulge in her passions: writing and art. Dubbed a "comic book master-mind" by Hustler Magazine, Harvey's first published comic book Butcher Babies premiered with great success at Comic Con 2011, leaving fans chomping at the bit for her next comic series, Soul Sucka; a look at America’s dark history through the eyes of an attitude wielding, Afro wearing, black vampiress in search of her roots.  2014 will launch her third series, The Death Dealers; a science fiction series that explores society’s obsession with immortality and Carla's first full-length novel, Death and Other Dances.

Harvey's dark and highly sexual art explores the philosophical and emotional views associated with an idealized female form.  Self-victimization, empowerment and decay are common themes.  Her unique style of telling a story through the eyes of ample bosomed antiheroes has earned her work enthusiastic followers.  In December 2013 she released “Gash,” a special edition sketchbook dedicated to her favorite subject…Women.  It is available exclusively on her Etsy site.
Need further proof that beauty and brains can coexist? Carla also endured rigorous coursework in chemistry, anatomy, and pathology to earn her degree in Mortuary Science, graduating on the Dean’s Honor list. That’s right; she can embalm you! Working in the death industry, Carla realized what a gift it is to be able to help families during their time of need. She hopes to one day open her own funeral home, but for now, she’s enjoying life on the road with the Butcher Babies.

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